Have fun with a world of weird insects

Play with “BUGS! The bugs of the mad scientist” to discover all kinds of weird insects. Look at their shape in detail, discover their characteristics, and read their card on Wikipedia. And then ... go down to the lab with the mad scientist! In the lab you can do amazing experiments! Create your 'mega-insects’ and save your most amazing experiments. Invent scary monsters and then make your friends see them. Who will create the most hideous ‘frankenstein-insect’?

For parents:
“BUGS! The bugs of the mad scientist” is a game that tries to unveil the world of insects to your children in a funny and creative way. They will discover the characteristics of animals, but can also creatively play with them. So that learning becomes fun.

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We at PlayMontessory are working to make the Montessori educational philosophy as close and handy to your family as your iPad.

You will surely have noticed that your kids take to the iPad's multitouch user interface like they do to a toy. There's something so intuitive and simple about touching things on the screen that they just dive in without needing to be shown how it all works.
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As parents we know very well how many situations there are in which children get impatient, nervous and can be annoying or get stressed: car trips, queing up at the paediatrician, lack of attention from parents busy preparing dinner or making a phone call.
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